Do You Need a Grease Trap Cleaned?

If you own a commercial use grease trap, then chances are you’ve come across multiple problems with trying to maintain it yourself. Not only is it risky because of any left over grease or having someone who’s inexperienced and/or incompetent trying to clean it themselves, but it can also be complex if you don’t have the right materials.
This is why you should hire a professional plumbing company that is capable of handling your grease trap needs. Give us a call today and we can get that grease trap fixed in no time at all.

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Our Grease Trap Process


The first step you need to take is to run it through a basic desalination. Make sure to run it through hot antibacterial liquid to begin the lifting process.
commercial grease trap

Deep Cleanse

Next you want to run it through a deep cleanse, this can involve scraping and scrubbing to lift any residue off the surface level and ensure the area is as clean as possible.

Replace and Test

Finally we need to replace the grease trap and run it through a cycle to ensure that everything is secure for consistent use again.

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